Unavailability of a reliable source of water is one of the hardest challenges experienced by nomadic and pastoralist communities in Kenya. In East Pokot sub-county, the majority of the 162,000 people population is scattered because they cannot sustain themselves in villages. Their short term goal is to provide clean water to sustain people and animals. In this region, most of the rivers are seasonal and dry up immediately after the rain season. For that reason, Young Water Solutions supported Fellow John Tumaini and his NGO Hifadhi Africa to build a sand dam in East Pokot, as part of the 2017 Young Water Fellowship Programme.

Latest update

A 22-meters long sand dam has been built by the community in Natan village. Based on the community turn up during the construction phase, the direct beneficiaries within the nomadic community are estimated to be 1500 people. The sand dam will also benefit their livestock. To guarantee access to clean water until the dam maturity allowing shallow-wells digging, biosand filters will be distributed.

Check out the video that Hifadhi Africa made about it–> here.