We are happy to announce that the 2017 Young Water Fellows have been chosen, after an intense process where the Selection Committee, integrated by 20 young and senior water professionals, reviewed 800 applications from 95 countries.

The 10 Fellows proceed from the following countries: Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru.


Some facts about the outcomes of the call for applications:

  • 800 young people from 95 countries applied, and 3600 initiated the application, without finishing. This evidences the high demand for support that young people have and their willingness to contribute to local water issues.
  • Most applicants were from Africa (68%), followed by Asia (26%), Latin America (5%) and Eastern Europe (1%).
  • 70% of applicants were men and 30% women.
  • It is estimated that the call for applications reached more than 500,000 people. The first post alone, published in Young Water Solutions’ Facebook page, reached 157,000 people, had 9,000 likes and was shared 474 times.
  • The call was also shared by UN Water, UNESCO, Global Water Partnership, the Inter-American Development Bank. 30% of applicants said that they found out about the call through a friend; 26% that they saw it on Facebook, and 24% in another website (for example youthop.com, Opportunity Desk, Funds for NGOs, Opportunities for Africans, among others).

The official announcement of the 2017 fellows was made by Antonella Vagliente, Young Water Solutions’ Director, on August 27th, during Stockholm Water Week. A recording of the presentation can be accessed here.