Artificial Wetlands in Haparquilla

Context: One of the main problems of the community of Haparquilla, in Cusco, Perú, is the lack of sanitation facilities, that leads to people practicing open-defecation. At the same time, the lack of wastewater treatment has significantly contributed to the pollution of the Hatunmayo river.

Solution proposed: After a successful pilot project in Haparquilla’s school, Diego proposes to build two toilet facilities in the village’s square, and an artificial wetland to treat the wastewater from the toilets. The wetland will also be transformed into a recreational area, tackling not only sanitation and water pollution issues, but also improving public space. You can follow up of Diego’s latest updates here.

‘’The Young Water Fellowship was a huge boost to my capacity to impact in the rural communities of Peru. The workshop was the most inspiring and professional growth week I’ve had”