Location: Nigeria, Labata

Project Leader: Daniel Falonipe

The Project: Labata is located 30km south of Ile-Ife in Osun State, South-West Nigeria and is inhabited by approximately 500 residential farmers and traders. A recent study of this area showed that nearly 95% of the population lack access to clean water; most of the traditional water sources are unreliable and unsafe to use. Children go days without having their bath and often have to walk long distances to get water barely enough to last the day. Daniel Falonipe coordinated a project to provide the village with a water well, situated very close to the village square. The well was dug up to a depth of 35ft, pre-cast concrete rings and a pre-cast concrete slab were built. A 3000 litres water cistern is mounted on a concrete tower of 5 metres, to supply water to all four outlets by conventional means of gravity. Water is pumped into the cistern by an electric submersible pumping machine which gets its power from a dedicated 2.5Hp power generator.

Status: Completed, being followed-up periodically

Beneficiaries: 500 inhabitants of Labata