Location:  Shontola Village, Bangladesh

Project leader: Sajid Iqbal

The Project: In Bangladesh, agricultural practices directly depend on irrigation. In 1990, the total water withdrawal for agricultural, domestic and industrial purposes was estimated at about 14.64 km3 (86% for agriculture). The expansion of minor irrigation (small-scale irrigation) is a vital component of the Government’s agricultural strategy. Sajid Iqbal and his young team developed local and affordable solar water irrigation pumps for farmers and tribal communities. Young Water Solutions, thanks to Aquafin, was able to support the research and development of this system, and a pilot project in Shontola Village, a tribal community. The daily pumping capacity is around 20,000 liters of water and suffices to irrigate around 1.5 bighas of land per day (43,560 sq.ft). Infrastructure is repairable with local know-how. 

Status: Completed. A video can be seen here.