K’aslem Ya’h (Water of life)

Context: During the dry season, families in the community of Panimaquin, Guatemala,  only have access to water in their homes for 1 hour once every 20 to 30 days, being forced to walk long distances to get it. Moreover, they don’t have containers to store the rain-water during the rainy season.

Solution proposed: The project consists of building 20 rain-harvesting systems for the most affected families and in the school. The tanks will be constructed using recycled plastic bottles. The project also focuses on training the families in the maintenance and repair of their tanks as well as in proper personal hygiene and the hygienic care of their livestock. You can follow up on Marly’s updates here.

‘’The experience of being a fellow of Young Water Solutions is unique. The workshop was amazing because it encouraged me to continue doing what I’m doing, but in a better way, to change my society, my community, my world’’