Neera Project

Context: New Delhi had in 2012 6343 slums that host approximately 1.2 million households. None of them have access to drinking water. Considering that the World Resources Institute estimated that India will be a water scarce country by 2020, the living conditions in the slums are likely to become even more problematic.

Solution proposed: The project seeks to establish a low-cost and environmentally- sustainable water filtration method for urban slums. It is based on biochar, a carbon-rich material created when biomass is burned without oxygen (“pyrolysis”), and has proved to adsorb contaminants in the water. Neera will create a water kiosk in the slum, and train women on how to maintain the filter and manage the water kiosk, generating employment opportunities for them. You can follow up on Poorva’s updates here.

‘’The training and my fellow participants opened up whole new worlds for me, and challenged me at every step. I returned home a changed person, and feel infinitely more determined to create change in my country’’.