Promoting Rain Water Harvesting in Jiboa Valley

Context: Jiboa Valley is a territory of 14 municipalities in El Salvador in Central   America. Most of these municipalities are rural and are being affected by Climate Change. In this territory, there are communities living in conditions of poverty with limited access to potable water and lack of economic resources to establish small irrigation systems to encourage family farming to ensure food security in the territory.

Solution proposed: Building up on a project that already installed 7 rain-harvesting tanks in the region, Vilma proposes to extend the benefit to other families building more units and training local young women in the installation and maintenance of these tanks. She will also partner with University of El Salvador to build the long-term monitoring strategy of the tanks. You can follow up on Vilma’s project updates here.

‘’To me, this program means an opportunity to prepare myself to contribute to solve problems in my country; to contribute to the change’’