Iriba Clean Water Delivery

Context: 40% of the Easter Province of Rwanda lack access to safe water. This is also the case of Kayonza community, where women and children spend hours fetching water from polluted sources such as swamps or a nearby river.

Solution proposed: In 2015, when she was only 18 years old, Yvette set up a social business to fetch with trucks water from the nearby river, filter it with ultra violet technology and sell it to villagers for a very small price. This ‘pilot project’ now serves 200 people monthly, and she wants to improve it by pumping the water with solar energy, improving the distribution system and organizing hygiene programs for the community. Follow up on Yvette’s project updates here or visit her project’s website.

“Being a young water fellow 2017, was one of the most precious opportunities I have ever had in my water career. I have had chances before to attend several leadership and social entrepreneurship programs, but Young Water Fellowship was exceptionally very relevant, informative and it boosted my water knowledge and thinking which I believe is going to make IRIBA Clean Water Initiative to change not only my community in Kayonza, but my entire Country and beyond.”