One of the main problems of the community of Haparquilla, in Cusco, Peru, is the lack of sanitation facilities, that leads to people practicing open-defecation. In addition to this, the absence of wastewater treatment has significantly contributed to the pollution of the Hatunmayo River. Diego’s project aims to build two toilet facilities in the village’s square, and artificial wetlands to treat the toilets’ wastewater. The wetlands will also be transform the square into a recreational area, tackling not only sanitation and water pollution issues, but also improving the public space.

Latest updates 

As part of the project activities, workshops were held with the community to train them on the practice of artificial wetlands as a natural wastewater treatment method. An agreement was signed with the village authorities.
The building of the two units of artificial wetlands is very close to being finished. What still remains to be done is the installation of biodigesters, the improvement of the square’s toilets and the recirculation of treated wastewater.
Diego is financially and technically supported by Aquafin, who has made his project possible.