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About us

Young Water Solutions is an international non-profit organization that aims to develop and support the potential of young people to contribute to universal water, sanitation hygiene and water resources management. We do so by empowering young leaders and entrepreneurs, providing them the tools to carry out water and sanitation projects and launch social businesses in their communities. We promote an integrated approach and support initiatives that address inter linked challenges such as climate change adaptation, reforestation, youth employment, gender equality and food security.

Based in Brussels, Young Water Solutions was co-founded in 2015 by 16 young and senior water professionals from 11 different countries

but with a common vision: a world where young people contribute to making access to clean water and sanitation an everyday reality for all people on Earth.

Our mission is to make an effective and scalable contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, by empowering young people to implement water solutions in their communities. By 2030, we aspire to empower over 1,000 young leaders, including at least 500 young women, to implement water solutions in their communities so that at least 1,000,000 people can rely on clean water and sanitation and enjoy a life in dignity.


2.2 billion

people without access to safe water

4.2 billion

people without access to sanitation

1.8 billion

young people in the world, we believe they can drive the change!

Operational team


Antonella Vagliente

Co-Founder & Director General (HQ in Brussels)

Antonella was born and raised in Argentina. She has been implementing youth empowerment and water projects since she was 15 years old. She has a degree in Local and Regional Development and a Master of Integrated Water Management from the university of Queensland.


Anna Chaumont

Programme Manager (HQ in Brussels)

Anna holds a Public administration degree and a Business Management master specialized in entrepreneurship from Neoma Business School. She has also a Territorial Development and Change Management diploma oriented towards diagnosis, operational monitoring, evaluation, and systematization of development projects. She has worked previously NGOs for social entrepreneurship project management and also in the European commission and ONU agencies in project management, performance evaluation and reporting.


Emeline Dukic

Programme Manager (HQ in Brussels)

Emeline holds a MSc in Management from Emlyon Business School where she specialised in social innovation and entrepreneurship. As a former Consultant in Sustainable Development, she had several experiences in supporting social impact projects. She also worked previously in NGOs, in particular on the issue of women empowerment.


Juliette Gabrion

West and East Africa programmes consultant

Juliette holds a MSc in Management from ESSEC Business School where she specialised in entrepreneurship. Head of an NGO promoting female social entrepreneurship in Africa and the Middle-East since 2017, she has several years of experience in NGO programme design and management. She has worked as an independent consultant for various NGOs and foundations in the field of social entrepreneurship.


Nina Monjean

Admin & Comms officer

Nina holds a B.A. in International Relations and International Law and an LL.M. in Human Rights and Protection of the Environment. She is passionate about many different topics, such as sustainable food systems, health, well-being, and fighting inequality. She has previous experience in the NGO sector, both in international development, as well as in working with social enterprises.

Young Water Solutions members and Board

Amna Omer
Sudan, President
Joshua Newton
USA, Board member
Poorva Shrivastava
India. Member
Bart Devos
Belgium, Board member
Ilias Sawadogo
Burkina Faso, Co founder
Arturo Martinez
Mexico. Co-founding member
Jo Van Cauwenberge
Belgium, Board Member
Sydney Gray
USA. Associate member
Dulce María de Gabriel
Mexico. Associate member
Joachim d’Eugenio
Germany, Board Member
Susanne Reitsma
The Netherlands. Co-founding member