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Open calls for applications will appear here. Please save this page as a bookmark and check it often so as not to miss any future calls

Upcoming YWF editions:

YWF Senegal - OPEN! Apply here
YWF Bangladesh - OPEN! Apply here
YWF Uganda - Opens on September 23
YWF Latin America - Opens in November

Our calls for application are disseminated in our social media channels, and in our Newsletter. Subscribe so as not to miss any opportunity!

Conditions to apply

Conditions to apply may vary in each YWF edition, but normally applicants must:

  • Be 18 to 30 years old at the time of the application
  • Be founder or cofounder of the initiative
  • Be a citizen and resident of the eligible countries
  • Have a valid passport (in case of global and regional editions)
  • Speak the dominant language in the region (English, French or Spanish depending on the location)
  • Have an initiative that addresses a water supply/sanitation/hygiene/waste management/water management issue and be willing to turn it into a social business. The initiative should be at an early stage (within the first 2 years) and ready to be piloted.

If you have a water or sanitation business idea and would be interested to apply but there is no announced call in your country at the moment, please fill in this form so we can contact you directly when it opens: