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2018 Fellows advance on their pilot projects

From November 2018 to April 2019, Young Water Fellows selected in the 2018 call for applications are focused on piloting their social businesses with the €5000 received as part of the seed funding offered by the Young Water Fellowship Programme. Their pilots are expected to help them set up their social businesses and improve the water and/or sanitation conditions of 5,000 people.

Photos of some of our Fellows’ progress (from left to right)
– Fellow Nuha (Indonesia) in the process of building her sand filter for metal ions (Aikite)
– Fellow Elizabeth (Kenya) training the Maasai women on brick making for water tanks and latrines, as part of her Maji Mamas social business
– A protoype of Aqualuz installed in a cistern, the technology developed by Fellow Anna (Brazil)
– Fellow Isabel (Guatemala) in the process of making Crustatec, a filter using shrimps’ exoskeletons to remove dyes in wastewater of textile industries