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Field visits to Kenyan and Tanzanian Young Water Fellows

From April to June 2019, Young Water Solutions’ Director Antonella Vagliente visited four Young Water Fellows in Kenya and Tanzania to monitor the progress on the implementation of their pilot projects.Aspects monitored included quality of the infrastructure, social and environmental impact, community engagement, stakeholders’ engagement, O&M strategies in place, team management and potential for scaling up. 

 Young Water Fellows visited were:
– Beth Koigi (Majik Water – Kenya – 2018 Fellow): Majik Water provides air-to-water technologies in water scarce areas. The pilot project consisted in testing a 50-liters machine in an orphanage, funded by the Global Water Partnership. [Top left photo].
 Jonathan Nkungu (Sani Loan Initiative – Tanzania – 2018 Fellow): The Sani-Loan Initiative, implemented by Jonathan’s NGO EEDS, builds latrines for rural families in Biharamulo district, using a participatory rotational fund scheme. [Top right photo].
– Elizabeth Lesale (Maji Mamas – Kenya – 2018 Fellow): Maji Mamas is a Maasai social business that produces interlocking soil bricks for water tanks and latrines. Eliza’s pilot project (funded by Aquafin) consisted in the first 5 water tanks for Maasai schools in Eremit community. [Bottom left photo].
– John Tumaini (HIfadhi Africa – Kenya – 2017 Fellow): Hifadhi Africa builds sand dams and provides water supply systems in East Pokot region. His pilot consisted in building their second sand dam for Pokot nomadic community. [Bottom right photo].