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Agua segura offers solutions to the high incidence of diseases associated with the consumption of unsafe water through the installation of community drinking water treatment plants, providing prevention and management tools to vulnerable communities.

The system is a drinking water treatment plant with multi-bed filter, activated carbon and ultrafiltration and UV disinfection. The proposal includes a social franchise model to design, install, operate and maintain water purification plants to provide a safe water source to vulnerable communities to reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases, strengthen the work of community organizations and generate sources of employment.

Agua segura proposes a solution to communities that do not have access to a safe water source due to lack of formal connection to the electricity and water supply network. During the pilot, the team installed 3 water purification plants benefitting to more than 50 people.

Members: Hasler Iván Iglesias Yañez, Ana Gisela Marcano Mogollon, Verónica Mariella, Blanco Sojo, José Andrés Díaz Amell, Miguel  Eduardo Sánchez Vezga