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Geo Waku

Geo Waku’s team

GeoWaku is a social enterprise that provides solutions to improve the management of water resources applicable to rural contexts, through remote sensing studies to determine the amount of surface water resources and improve decision-making. As a result of the information collected and technical or social trainings in integrated water management and care, they contribute in improving access to safe water and sanitation, developing drinking water projects both in their maintenance and design based on the context of the community and giving them the tools to be able to operate the facilities, monitor and effectively manage their water resources.

Products and services:

  • Remote sensing services: service of acquiring land surface data from sensors installed on space platforms for monitoring, integrated management and optimal use of water resources by developing projects concerning water and sanitation based on the current situation of their available surface water resources
  • Design and implementation of water and sanitation projects
  • Maintenance of water and sanitation systems

During its pilot, the team has benefited to 60 families and a school of 287 people.

Members: Anthony Jean Paul Blaz Lazo, Juvenal Delfin Colque Escalera, Ruben Elvis Lovera Calle 



Fellowship Year

YWF Latin America 2022

Business Name

Geo Waku




6.1 -Access to water