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Wayru Peru provides access to adequate personal hygiene to improve the quality of life in households with limited water availability through demonstration workshops and the ‘Multi-Purpose Shower’, a portable system that saves water and money. 

The ‘Multi-Purpose Shower’ product is able to recreate the bathing experience at an affordable price and without the need for a plumbing infrastructure in the home. Its transport system facilitates mobilisation to or within the home, minimising physical effort and water consumption. 

Wayru aims to benefit families living in informal settlements or difficult geographical conditions, who do not have access to a safe water network and rely on water from tanker trucks and/or carry water to their homes in jerry cans, cylinders and pots. 

During its pilot project, the team benefited to 25 people using the Wayru shower.

Members: Carla Ruiz, Ana Alvarado, Catherine Romani