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YWF Latin America 2021 training

YWF Latin America 2021 training

From 13th March to 29th May 2021, 12 start-ups took part in the first 7 virtual sessions of the of the Young Water Fellowship 2021 Latin America edition training. The training was delivered online in partnership with cewas and Impact Hub CDMX and was attended by more than 40 young entrepreneurs from all corners of Latin America.

During the training, they learned how to analyze demand for their solutions, evaluate the market and their competitors, identify potential customer segments, and shape their value proposition and income generation model. Through the creation of a customer journey map, part of the business canvas, empathy maps and interviews, they identified the needs of their target customer segments and adjusted their value proposition accordingly.

The teams also had the invaluable opportunity to hear from successful entrepreneurs from previous Young Water Fellowships, with presentations from Anna Luisa Beserra from Safe Drinking Water for All (Brazil), Jennifer Colpas from TierraGrata (Colombia) and Jairo Trad from Kilimo (Argentina).

Taking advantage of the skills they developed and the tools they acquired, the start-ups are now undertaking the next step in the program. With seed funding support, they are working on their minimum viable products (MVPs) to validate their product/service, without committing significant investment or building the entire finished product at this stage. This will also give them the opportunity to collect vital feedback and gather further information about their customers.

We especially thank our funding partners Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo and Eurofins Foundation for making this training possible and our Young Water Fellows teams for their dedication to transforming their ideas into concrete businesses.

YWF Latin America 2021 training