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Fellow Jacob Amengor from Ghana inaugurates water kiosk

2018 Young Water Fellow Jacob Amengor (Ghana) has recently completed and inaugurated the solar-powered water kiosk in Abutia Amesianyakope that he built as his pilot project for the Young Water Fellowship 2018 Global edition.

Jacob is co founder of Givers Care Foundation and its iWASH Africa initiative, whose mission is to construct community-run integrated water and sanitation facilities in rural  communities.  His pilot project was funded by the Global Water Partnership through Young Water Solutions, and benefits 750 residents of Abutia Amesianyakope with its 10,000-litres/day borehole.

Jacob is looking for new partnerships to mechanize the water kiosk (through a water ATM) and build new ones in nearby communities.
If you would like to support Jacob, please get in touch with us at contribute@youngwatersolutions.org.