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BRIXSAN is a Peruvian social enterprise dedicated to the production and commercialisation of biological cleaning and disinfection products to eliminate inconvenient odors in family and multi-family bathrooms in human settlements and rural areas. They developed the Briqueta, a small brick made of a biological material containing effective microorganisms and energy activator distributed in cells. The small brick accelerates the process of excreta decomposition and reduces bad smells gradually from 3 days after the application of the product, the duration of the effect of the briquette is 30 days. They also provide aromatizers, disinfectants and training for the maintenance for families to maintain a toilet and education in the sanitary disposal of excreta. During its pilot project, the team benefited 350 families, eliminating bad odors and improving the treatment of excreta in cesspools, hydraulic drag toilets and bio-digesters in human settlements. 

Members: Hugo Javier Cotrina Mendoza, West Fuller Cruzado Pérez, Esther Chávez Chilón